Colombia Witnesses Airbnb landing

Airbnb, one of the travelers helping site has plunged its self into 192 countries and within that somewhere around 33000, cities across the world. Recently, it showed its presence in the Colombia. Its presence in the Colombia has opened a vast opportunity for the international and the local travelers as well as the homeowners along with the hosts. It was founded in the year 2008 by Brain Chesky, Nathan Blecharczyk and Joe Gebbia, and they are based in San Francisco. Airbnb due to its services has become the leader in the space.

According to the study, it has been released by the HR&A that the company has specialized in getting it integrated with strategy research, which specifies that how well the company has performed till now. As it has made a positive impact on the economic grounds. This impression has not only been felt in the area nearby but also has been getting a response from the people who have given their properties for rent and are serving as the hosts. With the help of the Airbnb, many hosts are coming in contact with the different kind of people and cultures. And are earning the money from the fact which they already have with them. The study has also revealed that the travelers who take the services of the Aribnb they are staying longer and are spending more money and are emerging themselves more to the cultural activities.

The CEO, Brian Chesky, remarked that Airbnb mission is to create glorious and unique experiences for their travelers and hosts who are relying on their services across the globe.” Airbnb is helping its users in saving the money and then accessing the unique places which will be under different models, which will be unavailable in some cases. The focuses or information is presented in such a manner that it’s beneficial for all and later on no one has to witness any further surprises.
Travelers can get the detailed information via Airbnb websites; they can analyze the accommodation layout with the help of the pictures, social connections and host profiles. It also leverages one of the focused elements of the web 2.0 reviews of the users. All the features provide you with unique experiences, which will help in providing comfortability to the society.

Airbnb accommodations are not only restricted to the apartments and homes, but they can also include igloos, tree houses, tents, boats, trailers, planes, boats, and castles. Where as in Colombia, the travelers can enjoy the diverse culture of the country.