iOS7, New Features

Features And Characteristics Of iOS7

Nowadays science is progressing each and every day. One of the latest science creations is iOS7. It is the most advanced and latest technology. Apple has announced a next generation mobile which is iOS7. From the past few months, it has created hype in the market. It has becoming very popular in the market. It has very innovative features. It has a multitasking bar in the left hand side with UI elements and new icons. Look will be same as others. You do not have to stretch to close and open apps. Yet it is the coolest thing on earth.

Best Features of iOS7

iOS7 has flattering design elements. It is the new generating system which is running little behind schedule. With iOS7 Apple wants to show the world its great synergy between software and hardware design. It has dozens of features to explore. As everyone know that Apple device has its own Apple folder. But if you do not want to use the Apple apps, then you can even hide those apps. You can hide all apps like Stocks, Compass, Voice Memos, Passbook and many more. It has a very good process for app management.

Change is a good thing. iOS7 has a very satisfying technology. You can get screens to improve app management. You can even delete some data to save the apps. You can even install apps in the alphabetical order which is accessible. You can also use the non-default apps like email and calendaring. You can use multiple accounts on iOS7 device which are designed for computers. You can even switch to a guest account for some time. It has dozens of good quality of voices which will help you to create dulcet tones. You can choose the voice of your device when you will be speaking.

Games and Apps

Games and apps are very common in iOS7. From app store, you can buy your desired apps and use it. Do Not Disturb is a wonderful feature in iOS7 which will help fix the time when your phone will stop bugging you. You can also use it in a single schedule and also see the alternative options. You can even lock the data which will stop others to get it. You can even lock your phone in location basis. You can even customize and improve the lock data. Apple has created great leaps in iTunes. You can get technically aware with monstrous jukebox.

You can store a huge range of music and photos in your iOS7. The screen icons are like the windows 8. You can even update the dynamics of the device. You can also update badges, clock, weather icons and calendar. You can see the iOS7 style banners on many websites when you will tap the app store. You can also get an email reminder when you will install it. You can even surf on your computer about the apps. You can install all kinds of apps in your device. World developers are waiting for the iOS7 to release.