Facebook crushes a Social Suicide App – Social Roulette!

Facebook crushes a Social Suicide App – Social Roulette!

Facebook has eradicated Social Roulette for its can deactivate your Facebook account.
Social Roulette was launched on Saturday as a result of the never-ending demand of the online social media culture. This app claims to put an end to your social life online giving you the ability to commit digital suicide.

Alike the fatal Russian Roulette, where players have a 1 out of 6 chance of losing; this app makes you risk the deactivation of your Facebook account, in-turn putting an end to your social-life online. Again, Social Roulette claims 5 chances out of 6 of survival, posting “I played Social Roulette and survived.” on your timeline.

Social Roulette app’s official website has accepted that it is impossible to permanently delete an account on Facebook; thereby, the app has the ability to remove all your postings, friend list, likes, comments, applications, photos and games completely from your account and then deactivates it.

Fortunate for Facebook; whilst unfortunate for Social Roulette, Facebook was well prepared to shoot down on them. The app was blocked in only four hours after it was launched on Facebook. The official statement by TechCrunch on behalf of Facebook states that they would take measures against applications that breach Facebook terms and policies. There is nothing such listed in the Facebook policies though.

Kyle McDonald, Co-Founder Social Roulette explained the media that the app was blocked by Facebook with grounds such as the app was creating a negative experience for users and the app logo was not suitable either. McDonald also added that they might have misunderstood the Facebook policies and would review them again.

Social Roulette  logo is a six-chamber revolver logo with a Facebook icon replacing the bullet in one chamber and gives an infuriating statement, “Social Roulette  has a 1 in 6 chance of deleting your account. What are you afraid of?” Despite of controversies and blocking, McDonald looks forward to get the app back on Facebook soon.