Me books to iPad: you be the narrator now…

Me books to iPad: you be the narrator now…

Me Books Brings Children’s Favorite Books to iPad, Lets You Be the Narrator

Me books:

You have your favorite picture books with you, read by celebrities, re-told by you, to treasure forever.  It is Narrated by Rik May all, Richard E. Grant, Sir David Jason and Adam Buxton. You can record your own versions of your favorite stories.

There are so many things to love about Me Books. They are a technique for a child to have a story read to them when there isn’t a grown-up around to do it. Not only that, but it enhances whole new proportions to the story.

You get layers of character and funny extras and things to determine without trailing the flow of the book. It was great fun working out what additional things might be going on with the characters. It seems to me a bit like when you’re little and you wonder if your books and toys come to life while you’re asleep at night. Well now those books can come to life for real whenever you want with Me Books.

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Many of the children’s e-book solicitations for iPad today use a combination of cartoons, video or even games to make books more “interactive” for their young readers.

Me Books, a London-based digital e-book app and retailer launching in the U.S., has somewhat dissimilar take. Instead of animation, the app uses audio to add a supplementary element to stories. The e-books are recited, and include artwork that kids can tap to hear characters speak, too. In addition, readers (or their parents) can also record their own voices over the default narration to customize the experience even further.

Me Books is the newest establishment to craft from the team at Made in Me, a studio initially founded back in 2009 by former visual effects artists James Huggins and his brother-in-law Mike Outlaw.

In the pre-tablet era, the enterprise had shaped a series of desktop applications under the “Land of Me” brand, which permitted children to switch out the words in the story to change what happens within the interactive world of “Land of Me.”

That involvement was later ported over to iOS, but co-founder Huggins admits that it never really took off. The app reached around 75,000 downloads versus the desktop version’s approximately quarter of a million.

“The first time I clapped eyes on Me Books I was blown away. It’s storytelling with super powers! I was so impressed by Me Books I’ve just bought an iPad for my family.”

— Sir David Jason

The title selection and narration is still “very British” right now, says Huggins. And while that might work for something like “Peter Rabbit,” U.S. users who favor a more American feel may want to wait for the forthcoming U.S.-based editors and brands to attain in the app over the next couple of months, he suggests.

The free app has been available in the U.K. since October where it’s been be an average of 1,000 downloads per day and has now reached over 110,000 as of April. Today, it’s available worldwide, including here in the U.S.

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