Dial Street: Solutions Infini’s cloud based business call management solution

Dial Street: Solutions Infini’s cloud based business call management solution

Solutions Infini is one of India’s leading SMS advertising and enterprise messaging solutions provider. Their journey from being a web design company in 2009 to India’s fastest growing messaging company today was assisted by their stellar line up of products and their customer and business-centric thought. This thought has stimulated the development and launch of their latest product, Dialstreet.

Inifini aims at bringing the world nearer by standing out in wireless messaging technologies and by focusing on improving the performance of customers’ applications. It offers Trust and quality to company customers with supreme care and hold.

Dialstreet is a cloud-based platform and leading tool incorporated with a virtual business phone number keeping a record of all calls. The space is pretty hot right now with Knowlarity, Exoteland KooKoo going tough. Solutions Infini believes there is still potential space in the industry and hence ventured out building the tool.

“The clouds are out and here to stay,
yet, with promises of joy and sunshine every day.
Casting away your communication devils and demons,
from here on, it’s the Dialstreet season!”

If you have a website for the industry and you have put in a reasonable contribution in online and offline market and you also have a company phone number that you use across all of your deals with people interested in your product. But have you thought about the efficiency of the marketing collaterals that you have invested in? You would like to be know which marketing canal is bringing in the highest number of sales enquiries for your business. This is where lead logging and lead management acts as your savior.

Dialstreet brings you a sole, influential, cloud-based business telephony system with supreme presentation. It manages all your calls with no trouble, make business leads like never before and set up connections with your customers that’ll last forever.

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Each call received on that particular phone number provides an apparent depiction of the number of exclusive leads that were created through a promotional campaign. Dialstreet has an inbuilt Analytics panel and can also be integrated with third-party analytics tools like Google Analytics, for analyzing the campaigns and conversions. One can also amalgamate Dialstreet to an offered CRM.

The lead management modules in Dialstreet assist you to allocate actions to the leads that have been logged through your phone calls. It permits you to decide the type of action required for each collected lead. This telephony incorporation helps you to take decisions over call back and enables to make a call directly from your application dashboard or do it later.

Dialstreet’s functionality does not finish here. It competes to put lot of features to envelop all communication requirements of a business. One such feature, which is not too far away from launch, is List Management that allows you to be listed in 200 different marketplaces in India using your virtual business number.

You can also refer to: http://developers.dialstreet.com/

Now you can recognize and make the most out of your online and offline marketing expenses through successful lead logging and analytics using this easy, yet, efficient tool.