Feedly provides enhanced security search for $5 per month

Feedly provides enhanced security search for $5 per month

Feedly has been doing its best in recent months, but now it’s accumulating something Google forgot to ensure. It will work at $5 per month. Concerned parties can also drop $45 for a whole year of Feedly Pro. But the deal the company is doing right now is something exceptional. For $99 you get immediate access to Feedly Pro forever.

The new Feedly Pro tier will include few new features at launch, but more will be added on a regular basis as the service grows. If you decide to pay $99 for a lifetime account, you’ll get the following:

  1. HTTPS
  2. Evernote integration
  3. Premium support
  4. Article search (finally)

A premium version of the service was proposed back in April, but many users appear amazed and/or dissatisfied by the declaration. That may be down to the growth in new Feedly customers who are unaware of prior plans, or the fact some features that were available in Google Reader (like search) are deemed to be premium and for paying customers only.

Other services fighting to seize the attention of RSS and news junkies include efforts from big names like Digg and AOL,  News blur and NetNewsWire.

Feedly announced this on their blog some days back and stated that, “We are excited to have a business model centered around customer satisfaction and we are going to do everything we can to make sure that both standard and pro users are happy.”

Right now Feedly Pro is going rough on Desktops but will soon have its mobile and cloud apps on the go. It is great time and in fact the best shot by Feedly during times when users unexpectedly were put off Google Reader. Seemingly Feedly is growing as a platform and of course into a influential one.