Get the Top Three Apps of Moto X on your Android Smartphone

Get the Top Three Apps of Moto X on your Android Smartphone

This article tells you how you can get the best three Moto X apps on your Android device. But first let me tell you about Moto X and what apps does it have for which people are talking about and trying to get it on their devices. Moto X is a perfect blend of Google and Motorola. It is a new Smartphone by Google and backed by hardware from Motorola. Moto X can be assumed to be the flagship Smartphone by Motorola for the year 2013.

Now coming to the applications that Moto X features. Since this is an android device, so obviously it will offer millions of apps. But there are some apps that we can call them as ‘signature’ apps of Moto X and you can also get them on your Android device. These apps are Active Notifications, Open Mic+ and Twisty Launcher. Now we’ll discuss these one by one.

Top Three Apps of Moto X

  • Active Notifications

This app is also called as Dynamic Notification. This app helps you get all your important notification, like missed calls, messages, email alerts, etc when your screen is off. When you get a message or email, the screen will discreetly light up and let you know about the notification without unlocking the device.

Download  Active Notifications:

  • Open Mic+

This app is for Google Now. Google Now is new intelligent personal assistant by Google that offers more than searching. Once you have installed Open Mic+ you can wake up Google Now by just saying “Okay Google”. You don’t have to touch your phone. So this is a must try application.

Download Open Mic+:

  • Twisty Launcher

With the help of this app you can open your favorite apps by just using hand gestures and flicking your phone. Twisty launcher detects the gesture set for an app and opens the app when that gesture is performed.

Download Twisty Mic: