Some interesting Google Glass apps

Some interesting Google Glass apps

Just a small introduction about Google Glass for those who are not aware of it: Internet giant Google has contributed and given a lot to the technology world and still contributing with its top-notch engineers and genius. Project Glass is a revolutionary technology that will give a new dimension to the technology we see around us,


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Google Glass is a wearable computer or we can say a gadget with optical head mounted display (OHMD) that is innovated and developed by Google. You can wear it like a normal glass and it will display information on the screen like a smartphone. With Google Glass, you can record a video, make a call, find answers using Google search and even do a live hangout. Yet it is only being distributed to the developers and explorers to find errors and bugs.

Apps for Google Glass

Google Glass is like a smartphone that requires applications to perform various tasks. So developers are working in developing more user friendly apps before its final launch. Here we are listing some apps for Google Glass.

  • GlassFit

There is a famous saying “Health is Wealth”. So if you’re conscious for your health then tjis apps is for you. GlassFit will help you in tracking your workout and providing you information about your regular routine. GlassFit is developed by Noble Ackerson and like Google Glass, it can be considered in alpha phase. Below is a quick video showing how this app will look like.


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  • Google Glass Sound Search

This app is not officially launched and you’ll not find it on every Glass. It is available only on user debug builds. As we have apps like Shazam and TrackID that recognizes music, Google Glass will also have one of this type. So you just have to say “OK Glass, Google” and swipe right to recognize the nearby playing music.

  • Fancy App for Google Glass

As the name suggests, this app gives you a fancy experience for finding products, choosing colors and buying perfect gift.

To buy items just swipe and explore and tap the touchpad on the item that you want to buy. If you want to buy matching things, take a photo with your Glass and share it with Fancy color search service and matching products for your palette will delivered to your Glass to explore.


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Fancy App