Collaborate as well as socialize your videos using JumpCam app for iOS

Collaborate as well as socialize your videos using JumpCam app for iOS

There are lots of apps for taking videos and sharing it, but all these apps lack a feature and that is collaborating your and your friend’s videos into one movie with the touch of a finger. But now it is possible with the help of a new app called JumpCam for iOS devices. The best part of the app is that you doesn’t require to be an expert movie editor or photographer, you can edit your videos by just dragging it.

JumpCam is a free app and you can use it to create collaborative videos with friends and family and socialize your movie. Using this app is very easy and you don’t need to be a expert video editor. According to the founder of JumpCam David Stewart “If you want to do editing, you can drag and drop clips around. We really designed it to be simple and fun and easy.”

You can create video clips of not more than 10 seconds a piece and can invite up to 30 people to add video clips. Developers have taken care of your privacy, so from settings you can specify weather you want to keep your clips private or want to share it with others. There is one more good thing about this app is that, people who are not using this app can also view your videos. So isn’t it great?

Giving an interview to The Verge, Stewart tells “Well, it doesn’t have to be that way. I think we’re going to see a future where we view our media as something dynamic, that we can go back and change, and improve — something that is alive almost, rather than just an untouchable, finished product.”



The JumpCam app is currently available for the iOS devices, but coming soon for the Android devices also this month.

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