Yahoo To Introduce A Consumer Tech Site with David Pogue

Yahoo To Introduce A Consumer Tech Site with David Pogue

The world of tech blogging is an incredibly competitive and crowded space with number of tech sites. In this race Yahoo is adjoining with its consumer Tech Site together with New York Times personal tech columnist David Pogue who left the paper where he had been working for 13 years.

Getting Pogue, one of the best-known writers on tech gadgets and services, is something of a triumph for Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer. The hire seems to suggest that Mayer’s main focus remains building out Yahoo’s media services.

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer also noted in a brief post:

“David will lead a major expansion of consumer tech coverage on Yahoo and will publish columns, blog posts and video stories that demystify the gadgets, apps and technology that powers our users’ daily lives.”

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“Actually, ‘site’ doesn’t even cover it,” Pogue wrote on his Tumblr page. “I’ll be writing columns and blog posts each week, of course, and making my goofy videos. But my team and I have much bigger plans, too, for all kinds of online and real-world creations.”

It remains to be seen what those precise plans are. But Pogue provides instant credibility, and delivers a devoted audience, to whatever service they create.

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