Getting Started with Android Game Development using GameSalad

Getting Started with Android Game Development using GameSalad

If you want to develop a android game that has some astonishing features, ensure that you make use of GameSalad that allows inexperienced people to develop game without any glitches. In this blog, you can find huge information on developing android game with Gamesalad that can help you to develop games.

Today, almost people are addicted to android games no matter whether they have android smart-phone or android tablet; they love to play android games with their friends, family members, relatives and near and dear ones. Along with playing some cool and feature-rich games, you would find various people, who have interest in developing their own games.

Well, developing android games is extremely easy if you are using right and perfect tools. It doesn’t matter, whether you have programming experience or not, you can find various android game engines like GameSalad that make the development completely easy. If you make use of GameSalad, you will not require any programming experience to develop some wonderful 2-D games. Just, you need to have a basic understanding of computer program work.

GameSalad is a great tool that lets anyone to develop feature-rich and thrilling games for android devices and tablets. Using drag-and-drop interface, users can easily expand any type of game and they can also piece together their game graphically and assign actions to the different elements within game.

However, this interface is not only for beginners as there are many people, who are familiar with coding and relying on GameSalad because of its functionalities. You would find many other gaming engines that can help you to create games, but GameSalad is much quicker than inputting lots of lines of code. This tool wonderfully lets people to develop thrilling games without perturbing about all the technicalities.

To get started with your android game development project, you need to download the GameSalad creator from the GameSalad website. We all know that it is free to use; however, they also provide a Pro version for $299 that provides a host of other benefits such in-app purchasing and Android publication. If you are first getting started with it, you do not have to purchase a Pro license and you can do this at any time in the future.

Along with it, you need to install the Java SDK from Oracle website by following instructions successfully. Now, you can download the Android SDK from Google and follow the instructions to complete installation process effectively. Once, if you successfully install Android SDK, you can open up the Android SDK Manager and ensure that you download the below mentioned components as well:

  • Android SDK Tools
  • Android SDK Platform-tools
  • Latest Android API (currently 4.2)
  • Google USB Driver

Once, if you download and configure all the tools fruitfully, now you should begin with developing a game using GameSalad. It offers a complete range of templates, which can be used to get started. According to your requirements and needs, you can develop any type of game and add as many features as you want. After developing thrilling yet effective game for your android device, you can also publish it on app store so that you get maximum publicity.