Finland based Start up brings you PiceaHub a universal Media downloader

Finland based Start up brings you PiceaHub a universal Media downloader

PiceaHub is a universal media downloader by which you can simply drag & drop videos, photos and music from Internet into any device and Cloud Services.

It is a unique PC connectivity application for end-users bringing all mobile devices under the same innovative and easy-to-use user interface. The same concept is used for all devices; mobile phones, memory sticks, PC local disk and Cloud Services are accessed using the same very simple method. End user simply selects the content in computer or in browser and drag and drop it to the selected device. PiceaHub handles the rest! Music and videos are automatically converted to the optimal format that the device supports. For more advanced users, there are settings available allowing to modify the default formats, device by device.

PiceaHub uses advanced Video Stream Detection technology that enables support for thousands of web sites with embedded video or music, without the need for any other service specific technologies.

It also supports the possibility to strip only audio track from the video, allowing users to have audio in any device! As an extra benefit, users will also have an embedded music metadata with album arts giving a professional look and feel in you playback device.


For downloading PiceaHub provides the following features, especially designed to include everything you need in one application:

  • Multiple Downloads: no need to sit by the computer and wait for each song to download before being able to download the next.
  • Interactive: Download music while listening to the song at the same time.
  • Offline Multimedia Access: Have access to your music and videos anytime, anywhere without requiring data usage.
  • Automatic Stream Detection: PiceaHub picks up any media content being played and automatically gives you the option to download it directly to your device.
  • Multiple Device Download: Connect as many devices as you want and download content simultaneously to all selected devices.
  • Automatic Format Conversion: Downloaded file is automatically converted to the phone’s specific and supported format.

PiceaHub is an application especially designed to help you transfer files to your mobile device or other external and internal memory storage units, for this it provides:

  • Constant Display: Device icons provide an easy point for dropping content and accessing device settings. It’s always there, no need to minimize current screen to find drop point.
  • From PC: It can’t get any easier. Just Drag&Drop content from your PC or other computer applications like iTunes straight to your cellphone, tablet or memory stick.
  • From the Internet: Drag&Drop pictures and other files from websites and search engines straight to your device.
  • Between Phones: Drag&Drop selected content (music, video, photos and documents) between connected cellphones.

With PiceaHub you can download your favorite media anywhere – PiceaHub links your laptop to mobile internet with one click! You can also easily create a mobile WLAN hotspot when needed. Additionally PiceaHub supports SMS messaging, adding of contacts and calendar items into the device as well as installation of Android applications.

PiceaHub is available on several other languages like Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian and many more coming soon.

PiceaHub is compatible with Blackberry, iPad, iPhone, Nokia phones (except Windows 7.x phones) and Android devices and it runs in Windows XP onwards; the Android and Mac versions are underway!