PS4 Sales Hit 5.3 Million In Triumph Over Xbox

Sony had at first forecast just five million units of PS4 sold by the end of March. Sony has exceeded it own full-year target. According to reports it had sold 5.3 million units as of February 8. Sony Computer Entertainment group CEO and president Andrew House said he was “thrilled” by the sales figures.

“The PS4 system’s momentum just keeps growing stronger,” Andrew House, the head of Sony’s videogame division, said in a statement Tuesday. Using existing rather than custom-made components for the PS4 “has enabled us to reduce the scale of investment significantly, massively so in comparison to the PS3,” he added.

Microsoft’s rival console the Xbox One has sold around 3.9 million units worldwide as of January 24, and Nintendo’s Wii U has sold around six million units since its launch in November 2012.

Over the past six months, Sony has reduced its annual sales target for most of its electronics products ranging from TVs, PCs, digital cameras to video cameras. In the most recent quarter, the company has even cut  down its sales target for smartphones, one of the few left  out areas where sales had been better.

The company is also planning for a summer release of PlayStation Now, a new online service that will allow PlayStation 3 games to be played on PS4 and the Vita hand-held. The service would ultimately stream high-end videogames to TVs, smartphones and other devices. Sony, like Microsoft, has extended its latest console beyond gaming by making it a living room entertainment hub controlling movies, television and internet content.