Iconic Indian Monuments Go global On Google Street View

Iconic Indian Monuments Go global On Google Street View

Google’s Street View program is always flourishing with new images and places that bring amazing places to online viewers. The Taj Mahal and 29 other famous architectural reserves in India are now on display for online visitors around the world to explore through wonderful color images in Google’s Street View galleries.

The Google Street View team used Trekker, a 40-pound wearable backpack with a 15-camera system on top, to capture 360-degree views of the stunning monument. Designed to go places that most wheeled vehicles can’t, it has already seen Mount Fuji, the Galapagos Islands, the streets of Venice and the Grand Canyon.

“Google’s mission is to make information more accessible, and around the world Google is constantly looking for new ways to tell the stories of the world’s diverse cultures and make them available worldwide,” the company said in a statement provided to a tech site. “Google hopes to help make more of India’s heritage accessible to people around the world, and to help preserve India’s unique history for generations to come” company added.

Among the 30 monuments are Agra Fort, Fatehpur Sikri, Agha Khan Palace, Bibi ka Maqbara, Fort St George, Nagarjuna Hill, Raigad Fort.


“We believe that the new panoramic imagery of 100 Indian monuments will not only allow people to interact with our country’s culture in new ways, but also digitally preserve India’s heritage for future generations,” Pravin Srivastava, director general of the archeological survey, said in a statement.