The year 2014 seems to be quite competitive for the players introducing wearable Wear Devices. Right after Google and LG, joining the race is Motorola as the company has thrown its Android Wear device with the announcement of Moto 360, due to be released this summer.

The most exceptional feature about the watch is its round shape rather than the conventional square shape of rival devices – including the recently announced LG G Watch. Appearance wise it’s quite disguising and proves to be a conventional analogue device in the first go, but the Android Wear features a touch-screen and Google’s new wearable version of Android.

Following the format of LG G Watch, the Moto 360 will also be able to be voice controlled. With the help of “Ok Google” functionality user can execute the command for searching important information, look for a restaurant, book movie tickets, check flight times and much more.

The alerts and notifications can be linked with an Android smartphone and a twist of the wrist would help the user to go through the emails and other message alerts.

A support for other apps can also be programmed in the OS by the developers, so one can receive notifications from those too.

Moto 360 will be available in a variety of styles globally in summer 2014, starting in the US.

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