Android Gets a Malware Scanner for Google Play Store Apps

Android Gets a Malware Scanner for Google Play Store Apps

Google is bringing out a new update to Android that means its operating system will start continually checking its device for ruinous apps. It will allow Verify apps security system to routinely run scans of apps on your device to make sure that they aren’t doing anything suspicious or malicious.

The company says the update willimprove Android’s Verify Apps service to make sure apps installed both inside and outside of Google Play are “behaving in a safe manner.

Th new Verify Apps update will roll out to current Android devices which feature the Google Play Store. It supports Android 2.3 and later and  will perform routine checks even after an app is installed, regardless of where it came from. If the scanner detects an app that’s possibly injurious users will see a warning and an option to remove the displapp.

“Because potentially harmful applications are very rare, most people will never see a warning or any other indication that they have this additional layer of protection,” said Android security engineer Rich Cannings in a blog post. “But we do expect a small number of people to see warnings (which look similar to the existing Verify apps warnings) as a result of this new capability.”

According to Google, “fewer than 0.18 percent of installs in the last year occurred after someone received a warning that the app was potentially harmful.”

It’s enabled by default, but users can disable it by going to Google Settings > Verify Apps or Settings > Security > Verify Apps, depending on the Android version.