Featured Game- Shoe Shuffle – A must play addictive game

After getting lots of hits on iOS, The Shoe Shuffle game is now available on Android. Shoe Shuffle is a Tile shuffling game where you and your friends can play simultaneously, as it supports both Single and Multi player Mode.

The game looks like a board consists of tiles and grass, you have to watch your steps while shuffling, and prevent from stepping on grass.

It offers a good user interface with awesome colorful design and great background music. The game starts out slowly and the further you get, the faster it goes.

One interesting feature that makes the game more challenging is the Time Attack, In this feature, user has to shuffle within the limited time and that makes the game real challenging.


  • Shuffle your way across the game board.
  • You hear a good background music while playing the game.
  • It offers different style of shoes, you can choose your favorite one.
  • Easy Controls…simply shuffle from tile to tile to progress.
  • You can challenge your friends with multiplayer mode.
    It also offer Facebook Support.

Download Shoe Shuffle from:

App Store

• Google Play Store