Nintendo Set To Launch Its First Mobile App

and Japan-based wireless carrier NTT DoCoMo will launch an app on Thursday that will let users tether their Nintendo 3DS systems to their smartphones to access the Web. The feature will initially be available only in the US.  Its goal is to make tethering the portable system with a mobile’s connection as easy as possible.

This news comes only days after Nintendo more or less denied any plans to develop games for smartphones. The free app uses WPS protocol and provides users with an easy method to get Nintendo 3DS devices online via the mobile network.

The struggling games firm are coming up with Japanese mobile operator Docomo to release an Android app that tethers smartphones with a Nintendo 3DS.Nintendo president Satoru Iwata discussed a mobile application that he said could share “the value of our entertainment offerings, thus encouraging more people to participate in Nintendo platforms.”

Currently, the app is only available in Japan on the Google Play store, and only works with a limited number of devices. The current list of compatible mobile devices  are:


Iwata’s later statement “I have not given any restrictions to the development team, even not ruling out the possibility of making games or using our game characters. However, if you report that we will release a Mario on smart devices, it would be a completely misleading statement.”

The move to tethering seems to be an obligatory step on Nintendo’s part to live with the popularity of casual gaming on smartphones and tablets is affecting its operation. The application can probably work along with its Mario Kart 8 title. Nintendo recently declared that sales of its hardware and software are down notably.

The company will launch its first self owned mobile app by the end of the year to integrate mobile devices with its playing experience. It’s not clear just yet what that app might offer.