A major barrier to online communication comes in the form of low bandwidth especially when it’s really important for you to get connected on an urgent conferencing. Since now the problem was inevitable but now it has a solution. Tringgr, a video conferencing on the fly product which provides Video Conferences or chats, Audio only conference and chat, group or private text chat and File Transfer features but the most impressive part is that it works on low bandwidths smoothly, say 30kbps (voice) to be more precise and 128kbps for Video conferencing.

“It will work well on lower bandwidths as we have worked on the media server to support it well. With most IT department blocking browser plugin it is clear that there needs to be another way. Tringgr serves that purpose, being designed to be an open standard video and voice communication tool that can be used on any computer with just the requirement of Chrome browser”, says Shubhashish.

In January 2014, Tringgr Beta was rolled out and till date it has served 2100 conferences off which 500+ are from May month only. The service has clocked 28000 minutes of conference till now. Besides free public platform for hosting video conferences, with voice calling and file transfer feature Tringgr also offers its enterprise edition dubbed TringgrEngage. It’s a real time customer engagement chat box solution that helps the consumer facing business to grow sales and serves their website visitors in a better way, thus making business interactive.

“Look at a scenario where you have to buy a high value product and you have got some doubts, also you are not sure how the product actually looks. Tringgr takes on this challenge and provides live product demonstration and sales agent interaction to provide the ultimate e-commerce experience and that too from within the e-commerce website. We are planning to place Tringgr at the center of this unique online experience and we are seeing very good response from our initial market research”, says Founder and CEO Sushant Pandey.

Well Tringgr not only solved the instant conferencing needs but also open doors for presently booming online businesses in India like e-commerce, online education and live video customer chat support as customer engagement tool for high value products to give that personalized touch – this would be the ultimate experience from E-commerce.

For more information please visit Tringgr website.