Check Out iOS 8 Features To make Your iPhone A Digital Hub

Check Out iOS 8 Features To make Your iPhone A Digital Hub

At the WWDC 2014, Apple has announced the latest version of iOS 8. The new version comes with quite a lot of changes when compared to previous iOS7.  Beta versions of iOS are now available to registered Apple developers. iOS 8 comes with a lot of new features, some of them are absolutely new to us, whereas some have similarity with other platforms.

Apple showed this week revolves around having the iPhone as the center of your digital hub. The iPhone packs software features and sensors that wouldn’t really make sense on a desktop machine.

A digital device that funnels multimedia content streamed from the Internet to a stereo or home theater system. It may also stream photos, music and videos from the user’s computer to the playback system. All new features of iOS8 will make iphone aa digital hub.

Steve Jobs’ last WWDC keynote, he declared that iCloud would be the new center of everyone’s digital lives: “We’re going to demote the PC and the Mac to just be a device.”

iO8 key features on your iphone include: 

  1. In iOS 8 a new and improvised keyboard has been introduced which is christened as QuickType’. Its gets an upgrade via predictive typing. QuickType continuously provide you with a list of probable words to choose from while you are typing.
  2. AirDrop, Apple’s peer-to-peer file sharing protocol, now works between iOS and Mac devices. Handoff, a newly introduced feature, works on the same sharing principles and lets users start a task on one device and instantly pick it up on another.
  3. There are new interactive notifications, allowing users to quickly reply to texts, emails, and more, right within the notification banner. Apps can install widgets in the Notification Center in iOS 8, expanding its capabilities.
  4. HealthKit, iOS 8’s new health and fitness database app seems a natural partner for a smartwatch or fitness band. It provides a central place for all the health and fitness information you’re storing on the iPhone. Many apps, such as Nike+ and Fitbit, do this individually, but now those apps will be able to integrate into one app.
  5. Apple has debuted a new iCloud service called iCloud Drive, which works similarly to Dropbox. iCloud Photo Library, a part of iCloud Drive, has been built into a redesigned Photos app to make all of a user’s photos accessible on every device.
  6. A major new feature, Family Sharing, lets families of up to six people share apps, music, books, and more, while a revamped Spotlight feature incorporates more search options than ever before.
  7. CarPlay transforms the infotainment system in your car into a dumb interface for the iPhone to take over.
  8. Touch ID will be available to third-party developers, making the iPhone the most secure. Safari users will be able to request a full desktop version of a site from an iPhone way to access things like banking applications or private messages. Safari got a huge upgrade in iOS 7, and although the upgrades in iOS 8 are more incremental.
  9. With the new mail app you can delete mail from the notification centre by simply sweeping your finger and can also minimize a mail you are composing to check out other mails so that you can easily gain access to the information in other mails.