Indi Start up: UberHealth Healthcare Solutions For Elderly Parents

Indi Start up: UberHealth Healthcare Solutions For Elderly Parents

Elderly healthcare services sector in India is chaotic, crumbled and has limited digital connectivity. Providing proper health care for elderly parents residing in a different country has become a painful responsibility because of the distress and tensions it brings on. The Founders, Ishan Jha and Kamal Aggarwal along with Ajay noticed a rise in the number of young adults living away from home. Ishan Jha and Ajaypal Singh were also two of those many NRIs who were situated for work in distant lands away from India and parents.

UberHealth provides an online plus offline platform to help NRIs to easily purchase, manage and track healthcare services for their parents. UberHealth enables you to manage all aspects of elderly healthcare with its data driven customization for each user.

“The problem is that children are living away from home nowadays, and they need to take care of their parents. A lot of friends used to discuss that they may have to travel home to tend to their sick parents. It was difficult to find a good service to ensure that their parents are taken care of,” explained Ajay. “In fact, when we started bouncing the idea for UberHealth among people around where we worked, it was an instant hit. We immediately got queries from people when they could start using the service.”

Uberhealth enables people who are busy/living away from family to manage all aspects of family healthcare that includes:

  • Scheduling appointments
  • Diagnosis and Healthcare monitoring
  • online consultation
  • Second opinion
  • Transportation
  • Maintaining health records
  • Posting reports and notes online
  • At Door Services

The company provides one-year preventive care package which includes an initial checkup and creates a custom plan for everyone for 12 months. One can also call the doctor and take consultation for non-emergency situation for same or the coming day. If required various tests are performed on  blood samples taken and provide you with a detailed report and that too, at your doorstep. All a user has to do is call UberHealth or register online and it takes care of the rest.

Its sebsite says, “ Based upon the tests, a detailed consultation from a doctor shall be obtained by us. You will be provided with the reviews in text and a video recording of the same shall be uploaded on your Uberhealth dashboard. If required, we may also send you the CD of the same by courier.”

UberHealth plans to take steps to Hyderabad and Jalandhar first, and then into Tier 1 cities by August. They intend to add more online services by October, and expand into 20 major cities by December 2014.