Google’s augmented reality game Ingress now available on iOS

Google’s augmented reality game Ingress now available on iOS

After making available to all Android users, Google has now launched its augmented reality game Ingress on iOS platform.

Google did not made any official announcement regarding release of iOS version of the game, but the news came via this Google+ post from Fevenis Silverwind of Niantic Labs, the Google-run company that operates the unique game.

Google originally launched the beta version of the game for Android back in all the way back in 2012, and last December it made it available to all Android users.

Ingress is an augmented reality game in which users are allowed to join one among the two teams, one is resistance and another is Enlightened team.

After you have joined the team you’ve to battle to locate and collect “Exotic Matter”, which is located in real-life locations, meaning that players have to travel to places in real life to find it.

The game keeps on changing and is ever-expanding depending on the success of each side. There is a web-based service also available that helps keep up with the status of games and locations.

Now iPhone and iPad owners can enjoy the game, as Google has also started inviting iPhone and iPad owners for the game

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