Photo App Flayvr Rebrands As MyRoll

Photo_App_Flayvr_Rebrands_As_MyRollFlayvr look after your camera roll for photos and videos, and groups them into albums based on the time and location they were taken. These can then be shared via the usual social channels, and are viewable by anyone via Flayvr’s website.

MyRoll is actually a rebranded and rebuilt version of Flayvr.  Photo sharing was a central part of the original Flayvr app, and that continues in MyRoll. It is determined to be step up to the photo galleries you’ll find on iOS and Android.

It will systematize your photos and videos into “shareable moments,” surfacing what it deems to be your best captures. The relaunched MyRoll looks to address what company founder and CEO Ron Levy sees as a failing with the built-in photo galleries of mobile devices

On Launching MyRoll, the app will get the permission to access your photos and your calendar, it starts analyzing photos and videos, looking for patterns.

On tapping on the “…” button on moments you will be offered you contextual menu on the cover with three options: Edit, Favorite, and Share. Edit helps  you to transform the cover photo, give the moment a name, add or edit the location, and select the images you want to keep in that moment. If you have a favorite a moment, it will be saved to your Favorites, and you can view them through MyRoll’s filters.

The app has also extended its sharing options, making it easy to share individual photos or entire albums with others through text, email, and social networks such as WhatsApp and Facebook. Users can scroll through the photos and download them individually; in a future update, MyRoll plans add the ability to download all the photos in a Moment with a single click.

MyRoll is a next-generation mobile gallery app that automatically organizes photos and videos from your phone, turning them into delightful and interactive collections that are easily shared with others as an HTML5 experience.

In an interview in San Francisco this week, MyRoll founder and CEO Ron Levy said that the goal of the company going forward is to be “more than just an app that organizes your photos and videos.” MyRoll is “replacing and reinventing the gallery experience,” he said.