Dropbox For Business Adds New Features

Dropbox For Business Adds New Features

Dropbox  rolled out several new features to its Dropbox for Business plan launched April 2013. It includes new security and control measures for document sharing and full-text searching capabilities for finding files.

◦    New security and control features:

It includes View-only permissions for shared folders that allows team members to decide who can view or edit files within a shared folder they’ve created. It also added passwords and demise for shared links. It will create boundaries around who can access content through shared links and for how long.

Karen Huffman, IT Manager of SaaS/Cloud Apps and Collaborative Technologies at National Geographic, says, “Dropbox delivered an intuitive way to set up custom expiration dates and manage link settings. It makes it easier for our teams to collaborate securely and with confidence.”

◦    Making collaboration in Dropbox:

The new features include a lot of new safe ways to share documents, and an alluring move that points to Dropbox’s bigger platform ambitions: the introduction of full-text search. Team members  now  can just just type a word contained within the file and it will instantly appear in the results.

Other features include extending Project Harmony, which let people to edit Microsoft Office documents in Dropbox, to Android. API tweaks are also included. The latest changes will let third-party apps integrate documents from Dropbox in a more intuitive way, either through Shared Folders or Document Previews.

The new features come on top of the company’s recent release of Streaming File Sync, which allows the service to start syncing files before they’re fully uploaded, speeding up the process for large files.

◦    More ways to integrate with Dropbox:

Finally, for developers, Dropbox is releasing a shared folder API and a document preview API, which Fushman said were the two most requested features. With the shared folder API, developers can now be notified whenever a file contained in a designated folder is modified.

It also  includes the Document Preview API that allows developers integrated Dropbox’s document previews feature straight awayinto their apps, so users can view their Dropbox files without having to switch between windows.

With an approx 4 million businesses using Dropbox to store and share documents, it comes as a bit of a surprise that just 80,000 have registered up for Dropbox for Business. Dropbox intends that new sharing options and search features will make the paid service tier more appealing.

Dropbox also released the beta trial of its service for business in November 2013 as part of a wider strategy to grow its userbase. It at present has 300 million users worlwide with 1bn documents uploaded or shared every day.