Gamers Can Now Share Their Mobile Gameplay Videos With Kamcord App

Gamers Can Now Share Their Mobile Gameplay Videos With Kamcord App

Mobile gameplay sharing network Kamcord has announced the launch of Version 2.0 of its social networking app. Kamcord is available to download for free on iOS.

The Kamcord app allows players to share their recorded gameplay as well as comment on and like other people’s content. You can even use the software to track your favorite video creators and games to see content just related to those people or apps.

“With this app, we have a much more social product,” Kamcord founder Aditya Rathnam told a gaming site. “We’re giving players the ability to hang out with their friends and fellow gamers, and people are excited to use this to build a following.”

Rather than just being able to watch videos uploaded by users from the various apps Kamcord is in, the updated community app now. Gamers can now create their own profiles, and can follow their favorite games to see the most recent tips and tricks videos, or simply the most well known uploads for those games. The app also allows  access to install new games when users to find something they’d like to play.

“We’ve learned from the biggest PC games like DoTA and League of Legends, as well our own SDK, that video is the No. 1 way to build a community around a game,” said Matt Zitzmann, CEO and co-founder of Kamcord. “With the traction our SDK has seen around the world, we’re excited to create an awesome community for the world’s 1 billion mobile gamers with the Kamcord app.”

kamcord was co founded by Matt Zitzmann, Aditya Rathnam, Kevin Wang. Kamcord develops an application that helps users to record and share mobile gameplays via Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and email providers.

Fan-made gameplay videos are one of the best ways that mobile developers are improving their discovery, and Kamcord offers the development kit to speedily use that tech. Now, with its app, Kamcord is also hoping to realize its original goal of bringing gamers together online.

These updates were made possible, in part, by the $7.1 million in Series A funding Kamcord secured in May 2014, in a round led by Translink Capital. Since May 1, Kamcord’s video share rate has grown by 4x, with over 1 hour of video uploaded every minute.