AdStage, a Facebook ads API partner, announced Wednesday the launch of campaign automation together with a $6.25 million round of Series A funding. The funding was led by with investments from Verizon Ventures, Digital Garage, Newbury Ventures, Freestyle Capital, Chris Noble and Neal Dempsey of Bay Partners.

The new capital will help AdStage to enlarge the team of 17, with 11 engineers, into its new 4,500-square-foot headquarters in downtown San Francisco and further speed up its growth as it integrates added major ad networks.

“We’re incredibly excited to add campaign automation to our suite of apps,” said Sahil Jain, CEO and co-founder of AdStage. “We were inspired by the simplicity and brilliance of the automation rules IFTTT created and wanted to do the same for ad campaign management. It’s a huge step forward toward our vision of easy online advertising. We’re helping advertisers create their own custom algorithms to meet their goals with a simple self-serve interface.”

AdStage Inc. is an advertising technology startup building advanced tools to help businesses build, direct and optimize online ad campaigns. It was founded by Jason Wu, Sahil Jain. The company has just launched its Automated Rules app, which let advertisers to automate campaign management tasks across campaigns, ad groups, ads and keywords in order to optimize 24 hours a day. You can refer to this blog.

The AdStage Platform is available now with initial pricing of only $99 per month with a 14-day free trial. Over 10,000 businesses are there on the waiting list and 1,000 businesses have used AdStage to get 20,000 ad accounts containing over 100,000 active ad campaigns. In the last 3 months alone, over $25,000,000 of ad spends has flowed through the AdStage Platform and paying customers that include New Relic, Zenefits and Cotap.