Meet Inbox Cube App That makes Your email Livelier

Meet  Inbox Cube App That makes Your email Livelier

Inbox Cube is a new fresh app that lets the user to effortlessly navigate and find their emails and quick respond to them. Inbox Cube intends to make email more of a visual experience than a plain text one.

It does this by separating your email into three different “cubes”: Emails, Attachments,  and Contacts. Inbox Cube supports Gmail, iCloud, Yahoo!, AOL, and other generic IMAP accounts.

It allows multiple email accounts which you are able to view separately. It has

Photos Cube: All your photos organized in one place.
PDF Cube: All your important PDFs one touch away.
Links Cube: All your articles & videos organized visually

Email Cube: Scroll and zoom into visual snapshots of your emails with one-touch actions and attachment previews.

Attachments Cube: Visually find, sort and actually see all sent and received attachments in one place, with one-touch access.


  • Themes
  • Gesture between Email Conversations
  • Quick Reply
  • Real-time Push Notifications
  • Visual Thumbnails
  • Work Offline
  • Facebook Integration, Twitter Integration and Dropbox Integration
  • In-App Browser
  • Background Updates

The other major feature of Inbox Cube is its ability to arrange emails by sender. While you could make more or less the same effect simply by searching Mail for a sender’s email address or name, Inbox Cube sorts all senders clearly, and even adds their related images to the list.

The Toronto-based startup was founded in early 2013 by a team of University of Waterloo grads, Kalpesh Rathod (CEO), Mitesh Kapadia (COO), Miren Rathod (CPO), and Dipul Khatri (CTO) with backgrounds in computer science, mobile, CRM systems, and yes, even email attachment management . InboxCube is a free download on iTunes.

Its official blog says, “We believe that email is the starting point of what we like to call “Personal CRM”. Currently, the content in your Inbox is not organized effectively to access what matters to us the most. Inbox Cube strives to find the best solutions to visually organize your Inbox in a way that provides the maximize value to you. Email has clearly been left behind in the mobile revolution and we are driven to create a mobile email experience to match.”

Last December, the company rolled out an early version of the application to test their theory that others would also respond to a visually well thought-out inbox, and have been iterating on feedback ever since.


  • Interface is great and easy to navigate throughout
  • Attachments view is extremely useful for finding files quickly
  • Native push notifications


  • No unified inbox
  • Loading attachments initially can take quite a long time

It is compatible with iOS 7.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.