Google’s Latest Chrome Build has a Hidden Endless Runner Game

Google’s Latest Chrome Build has a Hidden Endless Runner Game

Google has attempted to introduce a little senseless joy to reduce the pain of being disconnected from the internet. Google’s latest Chrome Canary comes with an out of sight endless runner game that can only be accessed offline. The error page has featured a tiny, 8-bit T-Rex. Like any other endless runner game the goal is to run as fast as you can before you crash.

The game can be spotted presently on the desktop version, though the Internet giant may roll it across all versions of Chrome, including on Android and iOS later.

The game works when you’re offline, meaning there is at least something to divert you while you reset the router and await valuable internet. Once at this screen, tap the spacebar and watch the little dinosaur get chucked into an endless runner game where it continuously has to jump over cactuses or cacti.

The game keeps track of your high score, and if you accidentally land on a cactus you can always retry. The game is activated by hitting the space bar, turning the error page into a very basic desert plain covered with cacti that Chrome’s T-Rex must hurdle.

If you want to try out the mini game for yourself, you can download the Chrome Canary web browser for free here. Once you download Chrome Canary, just turn off your Wi-Fi or unplug your Ethernet, refresh your web browser, and enjoy some T-Rex jumping.

The game works with both Windows and Mac versions of Google’s experimental browser, so feel free to take your pick between the two platforms.