What Gave Rise to Social Gaming Market Trends?

What Gave Rise to Social Gaming Market Trends?

If there has been one trend throughout the year, it is obviously that of the constant rise of social gaming. Social media games are one of the most popular and engaging activities among game lovers. It has been observed that players across the world spend several hours in a day to play games.

It can be said that social gaming has taken the whole world by storm owing to the largely widespread popularity of mobile devices, social media platforms and web. Social gaming refers to playing games online, social media networking websites, applications or platforms. It covers almost every genre today from Friv 2014, RPG games, MMO games and strategy games. Nowadays, several online games come equipped with social features that have led to an increase in the number of end-users playing game online.

Different types of social games gained popularity among game lovers owing to social media websites. Following the success of Farmville on Facebook, social gaming has attained high popularity round the globe.

The demand for different types of social games is expected to see robust growth in the coming days. The main reason behind this is free availability of games and increase in sale of smart phones. Smart phones have surpassed social media and casual game websites, when it comes to participants giving up both their cash and leisure time.

Several game developers have followed suit and created Google+ and Facebook version of their games, which makes them accessible to millions of people round the globe. The sense of competition felt by users when the scores get compared with their buddies has been taken benefit of owing to the huge audience on social networking websites. This tactic has been proved very successful in user engagement of 100+ million people in online gaming on popular social media platforms.

Let us have a brief discussion regarding top gaming trends:

  • Casino, mobile and casual games are popular Majority of teenagers love to play casino, mobile or casual games online. It has been predicted that future growth of variety of mobile games will include more multiplayer gaming options along with impeccable features.
  • Free to play games Several online games are free to play. This allows several participants to try out and enjoy more games online.

It would not be wrong to say that online, social and mobile games have emerged out to be massive markets that are showing increased growth and development. The highly dynamic nature of these segments suggests that in future game lovers can expect great innovations from the gaming industry.