Google Nexus Player Launched For US $99

Google Nexus Player Launched For US $99

Google unveiled the Nexus 9, a tablet with an 8.9-inch display by HTC, the Nexus 6, a 6-inch display smartphone made by Motorola, and the Nexus Player, a streaming media player by Asus.

Google’s new Nexus Player was a pleasing disclosure among a big lineup of new Nexus devices. It handles streaming, games and run Android apps all for US $99 as the price tag.

The Nexus Player is the first Android TV device sold to the public, so it’s a little on the basic side with just 1GB of RAM and 8GB of storage. It has 1.8GHz Quad Core, Intel® Atom™ processor.

The Nexus Player console is designed to fit marvelously alongside your present home entertainment setup. It has stylish remote combined with a voice search feature. It includes accurate gamepad for serious gaming and is perfect for playing casual games and finding your favorite shows.

Gamepad for Nexus Player (sold separately) is engineered for fine-tuned control of your favorite Android games. It’s intended to stream media from the Google Play Store and related apps to your TV. It’s also possible to cast content from your Android or iOS device to the Nexus Player.

Just like the chrome cast, the Nexus Player can stream and function with Android devices, however you can also load apps and the player will natively work with Google’s Android TV. For options you get Netflix, Hulu, Food Network, Travel Channel and few more, however Sports Packages and HBO Go have been left out.

Every device operating a wireless signal has to go through the suitable US regulatory body, the FCC. Indeed, such applications for consent are often the source of device leaks and release-date tip-offs. Google has now received the FCC approval needed to once again offer the Nexus Player for pre-order, and US customers can place their orders now.


The device goes for pre-order on the 17th of OCT, however will not be available until November 3rd. Stay tuned for India bound news.

Google also announced Android 5.0 Lollipop the latest version of Android will come to the Nexus 5 smartphone, Nexus 7 and Nexus 10 tablets and Google Play edition devices in the coming weeks.