Women Ready To Pay Extra For Apple Watch: Survey

Women Ready To Pay Extra For Apple Watch: Survey

According to the survey by UBC Apple Watch is in high demand among women, who are more than willing to splurge some extra cash to have the gadget on their wrist.

“We were very surprised to find that women not only loved the Apple Watch — they were actually willing to pay nearly $50 more than market price for the Apple watch when buying it for themselves,” First Insight’s chief marketing officer Jim Shea told to a tech site. “[It] appears Apple has an opportunity to create a smartwatch specifically designed to appeal to women, and charge even more for it.”

According to a tech site, Apple is looking to employ fashion and luxury experts to aid it in selling the Apple Watch that would help Apple Store with the jump from tech shop to jewelry store as it looks to house many different versions of the wearable tech and would appeal more women buyers.

UBS surveyed 4,000 people and approximately Apple would sell about 24 million Apple Watches next year based on the number of compatible iPhones in use. The study found that 53% of women would give a smartwatch as a gift and 22% would buy one for themselves. Only 31% of men were interested in giving the devices as a gift, but 38% said they would buy one for themselves.

In the months following its introduction, the Apple Watch appeared on the cover of Vogue China, and company design Chief Jony Ive showed it off at a special event in Paris for Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour and designer Karl Lagerfeld.

UBS estimates the Apple Watch to gross approximately $3.4 billion in profit in 2015 and to ultimately bring in over $10 billion yearly by 2018. But as was the case with the iPhone taking over the iPod, UBS believes later generations of the Apple Watch could bite deeply into the handsets division.

Apple is still working on the watch. Even after the official launch that happened in September, we don’t have the complete information on what Apple Watch will be able to do. Apple also released Watchkit, a set of tools developers can use to make their iPhone apps work with the Apple Watch. It will help you better understand how notifications will work on the Apple Watch. UBS predicts a strong future for the Apple Watch.