popSLATE Gives iPhone 5 a Second E-Ink Screen

popSLATE Gives iPhone 5 a Second E-Ink Screen

The popSLATE case is essentially a case for your iPhone that comes with an e-ink screen at the back of it. This screen will transform to whatever design you can cook up with using the app. The case uses the Lightning connector in your iPhone to transfer the data and to power it, and since it is e-ink, it is not expected to drain too much battery and will only use power when the image changes.

You can Pop just about anything to the back of your phone.  You can

  • Snap a picture.
  • Grab images on the Web.
  • Take iPhone screenshots.
  •  Plug in to your other photo sharing platforms, like Instagram.
  • Receive pictures from friends.  You can Pop ‘em one by one, or quickly set up a slideshow.

According to reports like other E-Ink screens, it’s simple to read in direct sunlight like the display on the Amazon Kindle, giving you a mini e-reader on the back of your iPhone. A slight downside is the case’s dimensions and weight, with a .54-inch thickness that nearly doubles the iPhone’s svelte .30-inch profile, and attaches nearly 2.64 ounces (75g) to the iPhone 5’s 3.95-ounce weight.

The case is an Indiegogo project with a crowdsourced goal of $150,000 to finance its development. There are 48 days left in the funding campaign, where $79 (stated retail value is $119) gets the first 500 supporters a PopSLATE case with a projected delivery of May, 2013.

The company is still in the early stages of development and the case itself is only in its prototype stages, but the company has by now gathered a team of designers, engineers and developers to make the case. They also have joined hands with E Ink in order to use the latest e-ink technology. Two colors will be available at launch (black and white), and it will start at a price of $79 for the first 500 supporters, then $99 and up from there.

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