Watch match videos and chat with group of people with

Watch match videos and chat with group of people with

If you miss your favorite game because of crazy time zone differences, or want to watch game videos and simultaneously want to chat with your friends or any particular group of people, then here is an app to help you solve your problem. is a web-based app which is available for free and ready to play, means it doesn’t require any download. It allow you to chat with group of people and watch YouTube together in sync.

It offers a clean and intuitive user interface, and the best part is that it is supported by most of the devices. You just need an active internet connection and open the app in your device’s browser.

Once you’ve open the app, it’ll give two options: to join a public room or a private room. In public room you can chat and watch YouTube videos with others in perfect sync.

In the private room, you’ve to share your URL in order to invite people to join the group. After you’ve entered the room, you can chat, moderate, search YouTube, and create playlists using the respective tabs.

Guillaume Borkhataria, founder said, “We built so that we could rewatch match videos together in sync with our friends, and replicate the ‘live feeling’ of watching something with people.

We don’t have to worry about missing anything or spoilers since we play, pause, and seek the video for everyone at the same time.”