Dull’s Update Brings Even More Entertainment To Your iPhone

Dull’s Update Brings Even More Entertainment To Your iPhone

Dull, an app for iPhone that brought trending content to iphone launched an update to gamify online surfing when you’re bored. Now you can subscribe to streams of things that are interesting to you. It can be anything under the Sun; think GIFs, news stories, funny videos or music. The app makes you feel so involved that you can go on scrolling through the content endlessly. In a nutshell, it wants to be the place you heed to every time you need some spicy time.

While going through the content, you can either swipe left to dismiss a certain content or swipe right if you find it good and want to share it with your friends. The app was launched late last year on Product Hunt and reached 100,000 swipe lefts in just two weeks. It integrates with many third party products so as to let users view latest things from sites like Product Hunt, Reddit, Flickr, 500px, Vine, YouTube.

The latest update is sure to entertain you by integrating with Apple’s Game Center. It will pit users against each other for how much time they wasted using the app. Now, you need to unleash your time-wasting talent through this. Users can also view the leaderboards of who swiped left the most, how long were they stuck in their sessions.  You also get to unlock achievements for “being dull.” Well that sounds like an oxymoron.    Dull’s Update Brings Even More Entertainment To Your iPhone

Dull is sure to make you lose your lazy and time killing self in the process of entertaining yourself. The app unfortunately lacks a viable selection of news sites or blogs to choose from, however, and doesn’t let you enter in your own URLs in order to better personalize the content.

Roeland Landegent made Dull as a side project. Roeland says during Dull’s beta test was conducted with 150 users and almost 70% returned to the app within a day. The app competes with other more user-friendly news and content discovery services or feed readers like Betaworks’ BloglovinFlipboard. But it is different because of its layout and cool features.

Dull’s latest update is available for free on the App Store.