Valet Parking App CurbStand Acquires Competitor Curby

Valet Parking App CurbStand Acquires Competitor Curby

Los Angeles-based valet parking app CurbStand has announced on its blog the acquisition of its competitor Curby, a service for drivers and valet companies. The agreement’s financial terms remain undisclosed. The service aims to offer a “complete suite” of valet services in light of the acquisition, according to a company statement.

With CurbStand, users can geo-locate a participating valet stand to find parking. They can then request their car, pay, and tip a valet electronically. The company also offers valet training and staffing programs for operated lot and garage facilities as well as licensed and “partnership properties.” Both share a complementary service but are perceived as competitors. The company stated.

Following the acquisition, CurbStand will integrate functions specific to Curby. This will allow valet operators to monitor vehicle and staff activity in real time. It will also be able to monitor staff performance, evaluate the historical performance of each parking location, and examine analytics including customer demographics and user ratings.

Curby CEO Colby Goff will serve as an advisor to the Board of Directors and CTO and co-founder Niels Jonker will serve on the CurbStand Board of Directors. Gojkovich said CurbStand has also taken members of Curby’s technology team.

CEO Serge Gojkovich said that they are currently partnered with over 100 valet operators. They add five to 10 new locations each week since 2013 founding. The company currently serves select locations and companies in Los Angeles, Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Dallas, Austin, Boston, and Denver. It will later be equipped for partnerships with institutions ranging from healthcare to lodging.

“We wanted to continue our rapid growth and be able to offer CurbStand’s simplicity to large-scale institutions like hotel chains, hospitals and municipalities,” Gojkovich said. “Curby will expand CurbStand’s capabilities on several fronts. For starters, we will now be able to offer CurbStand to large scale operators and provide them with an unparalleled level of reporting and metrics. Secondly, this acquisition will help CurbStand offer other on-demand services in the near future.”Valet Parking App CurbStand Acquires Competitor Curby

According to Gojkovich, “We plan to expand CurbStand’s reach to other major U.S. cities and to secure additional locations in cities where we’ve already launched. We’re also planning on adding new on-demand features as we continue to develop the app and incorporate Curby’s technology with our own,” he said.

The company had just received a $3 million funding round in September. It has even rolled out an upgraded consumer app with an on-demand “request a car” feature, as well as launched a companion valet app that allows the attendants to communicate directly with customers, while also gathering data on parking operations. CurbStand’s network today includes almost 400 stands, and is continuing to grow both in its current markets and through expansions into new cities.

You can download the CurbStand App right here.