KyooDock, a versatile dock for all smartphones and tablets with minimalistic design

KyooDock, a versatile dock for all smartphones and tablets with minimalistic design

Sometimes we really find it very annoying when our charging cable get broken or it get lost somewhere in the room and we really need them to get our mobile devices charged.

But now you will find it really easy with KyooDock a minimalistic design and a versatile dock for your smartphones. KyooDock provides complete solution for your smartphones to get your smartphones charged without any hassle.

KyooDock is a minimalist and versatile dock which is very easy to use and easy to setup too. The KyooDock is built in with the highest quality materials like premium mobile devices in the market today, with Bead blasted and anodized in an aircraft grade aluminum.


The KyooDock has a premium finish body and Works on most mobile device like phone and tablet using 30 pin, Lightning and microUSB and Samsung’s USB 3.0 cable.

Here all the key features the KyooDock had to offer to you.

  • -It can accommodate with or without protective casing without a flap on the bottom.
  • -Built to keep cables in place with its cable holder.
  • -Ease of use, undocking effortlessly and simple set up.
  • -Big enough to hold your phone or tablet comfortably.
  • -Great angle for video calling.
  • -Unobstructed view for your device while docked.
  • -Built to last

The KyooDock has been design to work as a docking station for most of the mobile devices available today. A simple switch of the adapter that comes with it and it will work on most connectors like 30-pin and Lightning cable used by iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and iPad Air and micro USB used by Windows and Android devices like Samsung, HTC, LG, Motorola and many more.

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