Groups App For Facebook Updated On iOS With New Admin Abilities

Groups App For Facebook Updated On iOS With New Admin Abilities

We all know that Facebook Groups are quite popular and let users stay in touch with family, collaborate on projects, plan trips and offer support to friends. Its app present interested parties with a clean, comfortable and functional interface through which one can manage and generally interact with their groups. Facebook has taken a step forward and has updated its Groups app on iOS. The updated version shall count to be version 7.

Version 7 allows group admins to pin posts and view the number of posts and requests they need to review. In addition, group members can now add images in comments.

The Facebook groups app was rolled out towards the end of the last year. It let the users see all their Facebook Groups in one place. It arranged the frequently used Groups at the top, and lets users quickly move between each group.

Groups App

The app helped easily start a new group by tapping on create icon. One could track notifications and easily control which notifications they wanted to see. With its Discover tab, users were able to see groups suggested to them based on pages they have liked.

Facebook has recently rolled out a new feature which allows users to sell items more easily in groups. It seems likely that the changes in version 7 are meant to materialize that effort. The new feature aids to popularize the group feature even more.

Download the Facebook Groups app for Android and iOS here.