Trackin Lets You Smartly Manage Your Restaurant Deliveries

Trackin Lets You Smartly Manage Your Restaurant Deliveries

If you run a restaurant and wish to take it to soaring heights with minimal efforts, you must get to know Trackin. It is a complete software solution for restaurant managers to control fleet of delivery persons in real time and easily accept online orders. Trackin provides a dashboard for your restaurants, a mobile app for your drivers and an online order widget for your customers.

“With Trackin, you can track your drivers like in Uber’s app, and your clients can do the same as well,” founder and CEO Bruno Didier told. “We can tell you what are your best delivery zones, and we’re a white label service.”

The startup targets both small restaurants and big restaurant chains. A few restaurants that have been already use Trackin say that they have experienced a 15 percent revenue increase on average. Trackin costs $0.30 per delivery no matter how you order through any channel. The startup will take an additional 5 percent cut on every order made on the restaurant’s website using Trackin’s widget.Trackin Lets You Smartly Manage Your Restaurant Deliveries

How it works?

  • The dashboard streamlines all your orders, including the ones on third-party websites.
  • People may use your website to order using Trackin’s online order widget, GrubHub, Eat24 and other online ordering platforms, and every order will end up in Trackin.
  • An order placed through a phone call is manually added to your dashboard.
  • The startup will help you figure out the ideal delivery zone based on ETA.
  • You can just enter someone’s address to know whether you should accept their order.
  • Drivers carry a smartphone to share their location in real time and help you get order details.
  • Customers get the option to pay using Stripe at delivery or on the restaurant’s website.
  • In case the delivery reaches late, the company automatically sends an email on your behalf to apologize.
  • It can also ask your customers to rate your restaurant on Yelp or Google+ and more.

“We define a smart delivery zone. Most restaurants currently use ZIP codes or miles for their delivery zone,” Didier said.Trackin Lets You Smartly Manage Your Restaurant Deliveries

Trackin’s entire process is a great method to collect data and learn more about your restaurants. Let’s consider an example, if too many orders arrive late, it means that you should probably hire some other delivery person. It gives a lot more insight for restaurant managers, making the experience more fruitful.

Finally, Trackin controls everything from one end to another. It is the package any restaurant needs to start a delivery service to control costs, performance, and achieve customer satisfaction. This startup is currently attending Y Combinator’s current batch.