When Your Ride Breaks Down, Seek Assistance From Urgent.ly

When Your Ride Breaks Down, Seek Assistance From Urgent.ly

A regular car traveler must have faced his ride break down some or the other time. Its tough time when you stand their looking and waiting for help. A new taxi service app Urgent.ly has come to your rescue and it allows commuters to request for roadside assistance in case their ride breaks down. The company has raised $1.8 million in financing with a $525K seed in March 2014 from Blu Ventures and CIT GAP Funds.

The taxi service came up through Chris Spanos, Surendra Goel, and Luke Kathol and it allows you to pinpoint your location and request help. Spanos, who worked as a GM of Repair.com and founded SeniorChecked wanted to help people in need get a better experience. Spanos said that Urgent.ly is the only roadside assistance app with technology like Uber or Lyft.

It also allows concerned parents to send help. Urgent.ly also makes available a Family View feature through which parents, for example, can see where their children have broken down and how far away assistance is at any given moment.


“When I was running Repair.com, a member of my team was extremely late for work and missed a key meeting due to a horrible experience with AAA. First they would not help her since she did not know her member number. Then, after calling her husband to get the number, they still would not help her unless her husband was with the vehicle because the membership was in his name,” said Spanos. “He left work to meet her and they were able to arrange service, they both had to wait for well over 45 minutes before the tow truck arrived. Both of their mornings were completely, and unnecessarily, ruined.”

So, they decided to look into car repair and emergency service. By creating an app that allows users to understand exactly when to expect their tow truck gives customers and family a little piece of mind.

“We have no annual membership fees unlike AAA or other auto clubs that require their customers to pre-pay for something they may not use,” he said. “Before clicking for service, users are told in advance the total fee they will pay by credit card, such as $99 or less for a 15-mile tow. We save customers from wasting money on paying for services they don’t use.”

Urgent.ly is new to the space but certainly understands the need of the hour and may do well since its receiving good traction in the market with its understanding business model.

You can download the Android and iOS app for Urgent.ly right here.