SnipNotes: Now Use Your Notes More Smartly

SnipNotes: Now Use Your Notes More Smartly

A new iOS app called SnipNotes has been rolled out to the market that lets users quickly store small text notes (called snippets) and perform actions on them right through the notification centre. To imply a few uses of it, users can call a phone number, open a webpage, write an email, view an address in maps or simply copy the stored text for use in another app. You can save those snippets quickly from clipboard via the integrated widget or enter them manually inside the main app. Also, you can synchronize the snippets through iCloud for easy access on any of your other iOS devices.

Developed by Felix Lisczyk, SnipNotes analyzes the snippets and lets you quickly recognize them through an appropriate icon. Inside every snippet the matching text is highlighted and you can tap them for quick actions (e.g. making a call). You also get to mark your favourite snippets and view them from inside the notification centre widget. From here they can perform the same quick actions by long pressing on an entry or simply copy a snippet to clipboard by tapping on it.

The app provides a widget with a ‘Save’ button to read the current clipboard content and save it as a snippet inside the app. Thus, making snippets storage inside the app more convenient. You also can enter a snippet manually and enrich it with a displayed title. You can sort and share snippets to other apps.

Following are the streamlined features of the app:

  • The app lets you view your snippets in a list that you can sort.
  • Displays a context-specific icon next to every entry.
  • To mark a certain snippet as your favourite, copy it to clipboard or delete it

just swipe left on it.

  • Personalize SnipNotes to suit your needs with the integrated settings menu
  • You can access call -specific actions from within a snippet.
  • iCloud lets you synchronize your snippets through user’s private iCloud account.


Features from the Widget:

  • Open App button for quick access to the main app.
  • View only your favourite or all stored snippets that are configurable.
  • Press on a snippet to copy its content into clipboard.
  • Long-press on a snippet to trigger a context-specific action.

The app is fully functional at this point of time and what’s complementary is the thing that it doesn’t include any advertisements or in-app purchases that tend to irritate purpose-specific users.

You can get your bite of the SnipNotes app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch for just 99 cents. It is available through the App Store worldwide right from today i.e. February 27, 2015. Download it right here.