Meet Instant AppMachine, a speedy mobile app builder for small businesses

Meet Instant AppMachine, a speedy mobile app builder for small businesses

Meet Instant.AppMachine: the new generation of app making software that will bring mobile within reach of the world’s SMBs. AppMachine’s new instant HTML5 apps will shake up the mobile world and will bring mobile presence within reach of all SMBs and individuals. Instant AppMachine is a collaboration between Endurance and The Netherlands-based tech developer AppMachine, and announced it in a bit of a party atmosphere at SXSW.

Instant AppMachine is the most affordable and simple-to-use tool to go mobile,” says AppMachine CEO Siebrand Dijkstra. “We have developed Instant AppMachine especially for small businesses that want to go mobile without the trouble of publishing apps in the app stores.”

Instant AppMachine is the next generation in DIY (“do-it-yourself”) for small businesses looking to more meaningfully engage with their customers by giving them one place to learn, engage, and transact with their business. For small businesses, Instant AppMachine can connect all aspects of a business’s current web presence into a unified HTML5 mobile site, syncing up with their desktop presence as well as with social media and other content published online. Instant AppMachine can also seamlessly migrate that mobile site into a native mobile application for both iOS and Android operating platforms. The product is currently available in a limited beta version and will be widely available to consumers in the summer of 2015. To see Instant AppMachine in action, watch how The National Parks, a Utah-based rock band, used it to connect with and grow their fan base:

Small business owners are busy running the day-to-day of their businesses. They need access to affordable, simple-to-use tools that can get them online and mobile, without a lot of fuss,” said Endurance CEO Hari Ravichandran. “Instant AppMachine provides exactly that: a simple way for small businesses to ‘go-mobile’ and connect with their customers without having to spend a lot of money and time connecting all the technology dots. We’re really excited about this first collaboration with AppMachine and look forward to partnering with them on future products.”

Endurance has released Small Business Perspectives on Mobile, the results of a 2015 survey of its U.S.-based small business customers. The survey found that a majority of respondents (68%) believe having a mobile app would help them sell more and engage better with their customers. However, more than three quarters of respondents (78%) said they do not currently have a mobile solution or mobile app for their business.

The survey also found that a vast majority of small business owners understand the mobile opportunity – more than 70% of survey respondents feel having a mobile solution or app would positively impact their business – but they are slow to act because of the perceived barriers to entry.

AppMachine provides app building products and capabilities to beginners and professionals alike, enabling them to create web-based and native mobile applications for iOS, Android and Windows Phone 8. Founded in 2011, the company has more than 150,000 users in 140 countries and employs 40 people in offices in San Francisco, Brazil and The Netherlands.