S6 Edge – must for next gen men!

S6 Edge – must for next gen men!

Wait for latest features laced Smartphone is over with arrival of Galaxy S6 Edge! An attractive slim, powerful and stylish and bringing features’ of Galaxy S series and iPod Touch it is well made and novel and non-curved standard model. The product is going to offer all other interesting features to their users. Enjoying an edge over other recent release it has numbers of users’ friendly features which make it winner in the segment.    

Why S6 Edge?

Its’ designs puts it ahead of its competitors. Carrying and flaunting is can add to any one’s style statement. Its size helps in keeping it in your pocket.  It is easy to carry as weight is not much. Users can carry it to anywhere as its features are fully laced to ensure its full functionality.   

Novel features

Users can find all features of S6 in Edge. Edge runs Exynos 14nm 64 bit Octa Core processors and is available on 64 and 128 variants.  It has built IRblaster  enabling users to change their favorite  channels on TV, a usable heart rate monitor, front and back  cameras, 5.1 inch 2560 X 1440 pixel Super AMOLED display.

Its pixel free screen, colorful transitions and animations, this has number of state of art features. It has great battery life. Can function on one day on charge with heavy use and can last for two days as standby. Thus users need to worry for the charging or recharging. Once they get their phone charged then they can   continue with its long hours working.