Rithm’s cheaper subscription and mobile messaging for users!

Rithm’s cheaper subscription and mobile messaging for users!

Is industry is all set to witness further aggressive round of acquisition and mergers ?  Ongoing developments across the industry have shown it to happen. Be it Jay Z’s recent buying of streaming service or a new player Rithm’s steps  to buy Spotify, Tidal with their lower  subscription fees and social messaging.

Rithm through its announced features is all set to woo customers and investors. Here at Rithm they can stream all tracks for $3.99 per month from its library. Here they can share their favorite music with their friends and close with using its apps integrated messaging feature. This is to be noted that it has offered its services below rates than Tidal’s asking price of $19.99 per month. One can find its services on its platform and Rithm takes on spotify and tidal with cheaper subscription and mobile messaging feature.

Rithm’s cheaper subscription and mobile messaging for users!

The service presently available on beta has also been rolled on by it on iOS and Android. This also allows you to tune in your favorite 30-second song clips for free. Rithm launching in Canada and US is all set to reach out to other region also.

Will his strategy of using low prices can sway users from their services. It varies according to user’s music taste and it availability on Rithm’s library. It is to be noted that there is huge market of music Content and sites offering this service are getting users’ attention across the globe. To tap this market one needs to the user’s taste the mindset.  Rithm has shown that it has used all such option in right way and with growing users’ response, one can say that heir steps were right.

The company has partnered with other music labels like Warner Brothers, Sony and Universal.  Apart from these it also has the Orchard and Merlin to clear out its offering.

Rithm has already taken the steps to ensure its enhanced clientèle with mobile messaging features and cheaper subscription.

Rithm is working with popular artists including Steve Aoki, Migos, Zeds Dead and The Chainsmokers to introduce Artist Shops. Here they can purchase and share dancing emojis and stickers based on those acts.