Samsung unveils three more curved PC monitors starting at $299

Samsung unveils three more curved PC monitors starting at $299

Samsung has launched three PC monitors aiming at mainstream consumer market.  The newly launched computers have specially been designed to cater to users.

Their specially designed monitors offer great comfort to the eyes. Not causing any stress or strain to eyes. The latest technology being used by it has taken the users towards a new comfortable range of viewing.

However, these models are priced well below $1,199.99. Samsung had shown its interests for its 34 inch SE790C and its sharp 3440 x 1440 resolution.  All have different specification suitable for the viewers. Apart from the site details, they can add it to their personal information.

Its new released models are available in 23.6-, 27-, and 31.5-inch sizes. These all have all featured 1080P panels. Its biggest display will run you $599.99, with the 24-inch priced at $299.99. Samsung is aiming to immersion offered by the curvature of these screens.

Company has highlighted that they can relieve eye fatigue associated with its latest style built flat monitors. The curved monitors add to its specialty and its dimensions bring its expertise to users. They can get all feedback and details available on along with it.

Its new Eye Saver Mode decreases the amount of blue light emitted by the displays sparing viewers’ eyes some discomfort.

Apart from these, it offers great gaming advantages to players and viewers; they can enhance their gaming experience with it. The size of the monitors and color sharpness bring all details clear and they can associate them with it.

The feature comes along with its “Flicker Free” technology.  It has already claimed that that its latest curved monitors are perfect for Netflix binging or gaming marathons. The users can look for specification details and they can avail all related information from the site also. 

The models sleek and curved designs are very attractive and are available in different ranges. A look at the monitors can help them understand the basic features and its specialists. Its curved and sleek look speaks a lot about it. 

With these three set launch it has announced its strategic move to tighten its existing grip on market share. The users can find all details related to it very useful.  

After this the Samsung will be displaying its new version very soon. With this recent announcement, it has shown its future course of action and is all set to bring more surprises.