Wix owns Moment. Me for $10m to add to its website building program

Wix owns Moment. Me for $10m to add to its website building program

Moment.me a renowned app known to support users to develop their album through its pictures and other media posted on social networks has launched a new service building mobile websites for events and other marketing website.

The company seems to be toeing the popular business lines. Here they can get the best help from users. Mobile website builder Wix went public in 2013 is buying Momemt.me for $10 million.

Moment.me had generated $3.2 million from investors including Singtel and Blumberg.  It had confirmed the news on its homepage.   It has mentioned it will close down all services except the social marketing lead generation service.

It’s not a blockbuster exit. Moment.me had raised at least $3.2 million from investors that included Blumberg Capital and Singtel.

Its posted letter states  the features “Due to our acquisition by Wix, the following services will be discontinued starting April 30th – Moment.me personal, Moment.me for Events, Moment.me Places, Moment.me Social Feeds and Moment.me Location Based feeds,” it wrote. “Our LEADS service will keep going strong, accepting new users and supporting existing ones. Happily we share the same core values as the team at Wix, so you can expect to carry on receiving excellent services very soon” concludes the letter.

It is to be noted that Wix and Moment were working together on integration to help its business to create event micro sites.   The steps seem to be part of Wix’s strategy to acquire bigger platform.  The deal announcement was due since long time and only its announcement has set its tone. One can find its features quite useful for them. Just mention the details and  make its optimum use.

With this wix has shifted from its website building and to leverage them to sell more value added services. Wix enjoying market cap of $733 million has moved ahead with this third acquisition. Its earlier acquisition included restaurant website builder OpenRest and mobile-first website building Appixia.

These development have shown that  in near future it will  take up its technical skills  to another higher level.  Here the users will not only get their different service’s platform but will also be able to know service providers services details also.

With these acquisitions, it has proved that it is sincerely taking steps to take it to technological advancement.  Through its strategic buying it has proved it and market responding positively.