Avail best selfie with Nikon’s selfie stick for its line of point and shoot cameras!

Avail best selfie with Nikon’s selfie stick for its line of point and shoot cameras!

How about a point & shoot camera help to get your selfie? With users getting concerned, Nikon has just unveiled its latest own branded selfie stick related to Coolpix point and shoot camera line.

It announced N-MP001 (Selfie Stick) is focused to following Coolpix models: S6900 (aka Selfie Ready), L32, S7000, AW130, S33, S3700 and S9900.  These wide ranges have different features and resolution to offer and to make a selfie, clear and quite. One can virtually play with their desired scene quality or background by using its different features.

The device has measures of 7.28 in inches in length when closed and 28.54 inches when fully raised. As per reports, it weighs 6.56 ounces and can bear load of cameras weighing around 14 ounces. It is easy to carry and no hassles are attached with its use. You can rush anywhere with it and given short notice.

It can be connected to tripod socket of camera and a tripod socket at handle bottom, can be used to attach to a monopod or tripod. For easy carrying, it is available with foam grip and hand strap. This makes your camera position very strong and doesn’t allow it to shake.

It has selfie stick for its line of point and shoots cameras. A fixed pan head enables users to easily change the camera position when it is attached to selfie stick. It operates via the timer. Finding your group selfie from distant location has become very simple with this high quality resolution camera.

Its signature selfie stick is available for pre-order at B&H and Adorama for $59.95. However, skeptics have raised their suspicion over usefulness of such device as concert halls, sports stadiums and museums. But like places restrictions selfies have also acquired business interests and can be used long. Search for all available help online and you can make its ample use to suit your requirement.

However, its various features stand them apart and are designed for safe handling of its own cameras and can be used for shot angle versatility apart from selfie.  Thus living your shots your imagination touch is possible with these new range. No matter where you are, whether in busy crowded concert or a football match, you can develop your selfie in your own way.

So, keeping your emotions safe and recorded is possible with this new range of Nikon.