Avail data safety with EFS – new file storage service of Amazon!

Avail data safety with EFS – new file storage service of Amazon!

Amazon has unveiled its latest storage solution namely Amazon Elastic File (EFS) System which helps users to avail common file system for multiple EC2 virtual machines on AWS through their NFSv4 protocol. The new service will launch into purview in the ‘near future.’ 

It supports the standard NFS protocol. It works with existing file system tools and applications developers can simply mount and manage these with other file system tool also.

Amazon briefing its details asserted ‘the typical use cases for this service are content repositories, development environments,  home directories and big data web server farms applications and other storage options.

Amazon’s head of AWS Andy Jassy in his keynote address said the company’s customers were demanding for this kind of service for a while.

Presently, Jassy argues, it’s tough to predict capacity for file servers and managing availability and performance can be hard. When there are issues, those can also spread quickly because different applications often all use the same files.

With EFS, companies can supervise their entire file systems in a similar way to how they now treat objects on AWS.

This EFS storage is SSD-based and its data is automatically replicated across different availability zones. While availing AWS services, users only pay for the storage they actually use.

Amazon says that when the service launches, the price for using EFS will be $0.30 per gigabyte per month.

EFS will take its place among Amazon’s other file storage services, including S3 for object storage, Elastic Block Store for block storage and Glacier for archival storage.

With present storage options it is going to ensure speedy data safety. A secure data is major cause of worry in this cyber age and users look at cloud storage options with care.

However, as they have mentioned that the system will be highly useful for majority of servers and other data storaging, they can expect a new beginning in their life. Ensuring data safety in virtual storage is tough but with available solutions, they can avail reliable service. Amazon a name trusted in storage options helps users in availing quality help.

However, as per consumers demand, the latest solution is going to fulfill their expectations. Here they can get best results without any worrying; one can find their data safety with this new service launch. Visit the site for more details and make things easier for you. Avail EFS now!