BitTorent’s unveils Maelstrom P2P web browser!

BitTorent’s unveils Maelstrom P2P web browser!

BitTorrent has unveiled its Maelstrom P2P Web Browser in public beta. According to its details, the step has taken it much nearer to its official release. According to it, the step has helped them to avail services of over 10,000 developers and 3,500 publishers. These publishers have helped it in its alpha and are now helping it in more stable public beta.  

It is to be noted that BitTorrent  was earlier working on alpha  for its Maelstrom, a browser which uses its P2P technology  to share control with the users. With this introduction it had almost eliminated the use of centralized servers to extend control.

The users can enjoy their better control over its access and speedy reach. The users who were using its alpha have given their strong positive comments. The browser success had helped the developers in taking it to another level. P2P technology seems to be its most trusted tool so far. With number of developers and professionals working on it, the users can show all development in this web browsing world.

In fact all professionals are putting their best efforts for more stable public beta.

With this unveiling it has also brought first set of developers’ tools for the browser. This will help them in building their websites around Maelstrom’s P2P technology. It can’t decentralize the internet is there isn’t any native platform content.

Those who are keen on using it can download the same from Windows and if the users are keen on more details and on Microsoft’s Os then they can download the beta from it now.

According to developers, the step is all set to benefit its users in their website developing and its fast access to the users.  Since a long time, the demand for such browser was felt and now it has taken it to high level.

Now users can use simple P2P method to build any commercial website and can use this business model for their gains. They can build much fast version of websites and can use different tools available online. Bittorrent cannot expect to excel without having  such basic inherent qualities. Now with beta backing they can say that they have arrived.

So, the users who are already in touch with them can avail quite useful website functioning. Just look for details and updates from it!  Stay tuned for more or simply log on to its site.