LEOMASTER releases a new LEO Privacy Guard 2.0 app for Android smartphones

LEOMASTER releases a new LEO Privacy Guard 2.0 app for Android smartphones

A leading mobile app developer in the space of mobile security and privacy, LEOMASTER has released a new privacy app for Android phones  – LEO Privacy Guard 2.0, that not only secures mobiles but also the apps installed in it.  The new LEO Privacy Guard 2.0 offers a simple interface with easy-to-use options and emphasizes simplicity and utility.

The app works on incremental protection levels to tailor and match the needs of phone users better. On the homescreen there are three options – App Lock, Privacy Protection and Settings tabs. Under each option users can see status and features, for example, the  Privacy Protection options allow users to see the current protection level and toggle privacy control for photos, videos, messages, and call records.

The best thing of the LEO Privacy Guard 2.0 is its ability to categorize privacy protection across several levels, which are are: Dangerous, Vigilant, Normal, Good, and Perfect. Based on user’s conditions it makes recommendations for the appropriate privacy level.

LEO Privacy Guard 2.0

The app not only protects the phone and its applications, but also monitors  the data usage, battery level, and app installation status, “keeping the user’s relationship with his/her smartphone fun and hassle-free”, the company says.

The LEO Privacy Guard 2.0 app is available for free for Android phones on the Google Play Store.