LG Watch Urbane – high level comfort and time viewing

LG Watch Urbane – high level comfort and time viewing

Android wear Smartwatch has added new software enabling users to announce their commands at the watch and have shown improvement in the available third party apps.  The LG Watch Urbane is the first only watch using the latest version of Android Wear.

Android Wear’s LG Watch Urbane has round face, stitched leather band, the glossy metal and its size.  Too many Android wear watches were basic in their design. Its large watch can be wear comfortably on wrists. It’s 52 mm tall and 11 mm thick.

The urbane has a 1.3 inch plastic OLED screen. Battery is 410mAh meaning full day battery in spite of high load working. The screen works in direct sun shine also.

It has used Andoird 5.1 for their gain.  Google is letting apps run on its ambient screen and they don’t have to re-open them. It offers you its maps related services. Here you can send emoji by creating these on their screen. Users can share these with their text, email, app supporting android’s reply in notification features.

Google allows apps run on ambient screen and users don’t have to reopen these. Presently, Google keep is the only app but son maps will support it as new version comes out. Users can scroll through notifications using it.  Those are big updates to wear and bring a well rounded smartwatch platform.

Urbane is perfect real watch and it’s rightly prices at $349 asking price. The materials and technology are not much better than the G Watch R. This is real treat for users who are keen on using big and shiny watches.

However, the watch offers few very exciting features which can be best used. It offers quality display with it screen size of 1.65 inches, resolution of XY 280 PX have used IPS LCD technology.

This offers Bluetooth connectivity and have Bluetooth 4 version. It has Qualcomm processor and Android wear’s operating system. It has used sensors of Gyroscope and accelerometer.

All these features have been used to enhance users comfort. They had availed their quality results and had provided them their best returns in no time. Urbane is all set to make it must for all users is hard to resist. The users are enjoying their best available options with this highly decorative and user centric watch. Just ensure that users are going to avail a different freedom with this urbane. Just wear your time with Urbane.